Evil prevails when good men do nothing - Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797

Act for Australia

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Act for Australia

Western prosperity has spawned complacency allowing compromise, appeasement and tolerance to set a course that will hurt future generations.

Whilst it is worthy to embrace ideals, humanity too often fails to understand the lessons of history, and the reality of human nature. 

Today the tools needed to maintain freedom are being traded for ideas that weaken our capacity to recognise and confront threats. Blinded by apathy, silenced by political correctness, and held captive by bad laws, our Governments increasingly fail to understand that today’s compromise’s will weaken our ability to stand against tomorrow’s tyranny. 

Against a backdrop of conflicting world views our children's future is increasingly being shaped by those seeking to destroy the traditional values that underpin our freedoms.  

In order to save the future we the people must look beyond selfish desires, think about the consequences of inaction and act.  Unless we wake up, stand up and push back against the wave of bad ideas our children will inherit a country with diminished freedoms.


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Its intent is to focus on Islam rather than individual Muslims. We recognize that Islam has a wide spectrum of adherents with varying views, and that not all Muslims follow or support the same ideas, philosophy or practices.

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